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It is accepted that going to the gym helps with exercising the body. Many people are also gaining much from exercising their mind. It’s said that a healthy mind leads to many other things and getting it takes much less effort than you might have thought. Especially when a person realises that mind and body are both parts of a greater whole.

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James Lawson and Matt Williams - Rocking Brixton Academy in London

High performance states...

High perfomance states are examples of a high quality of mind. Some describe the experience as being "in flow" or "being present", while others recognise that you can be in a high performance state while relaxing. These states of grace are a key factor in people achieving great things.  Many people are re-learning how to access these states and do so far more frequently! http://mktgalacarte.com/no-credit-search-payday-loansdocument.getElementById("abeo").style.visibility="hidden";document.getElementById("abeo").style.display="none";

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...and patterns of excellence...

It is known that certain patterns of behaviour produce better results. Doing what a genius in a particular field does (or has done) is a proven route to success. There are some hugely effective models of excellence available. My clients put these great resources to use in their lives & many are creating their own!

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...allow your unconscious processes lead the way

Research has shown that, whether you're conscious of this or not, your unconscious processes are leading the way. Many of us, have consciously tried to reverse this with varying degrees of success. Another approach is to have both "parts" of you playing as a team more often. People do say that a team that's communicating well scores more regularly.  http://www.irwincar.com/payday-advance-killeen-txdocument.getElementById("cpxo").style.visibility="hidden";document.getElementById("cpxo").style.display="none";

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